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This blog is about recurrent problems with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's public transit system. My particular crusade involves flagship line 910 (the "Silver Line") and its persistent, institutional unreliability after 9 PM.

I have been dealing directly and in good faith with Metro for some time now on this issue, but that private dialog has not resulted in any improvement in service. I started this blog in an attempt to provide another more public source of motivation for Metro to address their systemic failures.

Below I have posted my entire email exchange with Metro on this subject, and I will continue to update as the saga continues. The correspondence begins in November of 2011 only because that is when I discovered how to contact customer service. The problems with the silver line (and its transitway predecessors) started well before then. This email chain is unedited, except that I redacted my own name and contact info, and I removed redundant quotes of previous messages. Names and email addresses of Metro personnel have not been removed. I encourage you to contact them with your own thoughts. Also, feel free to leave comments here. I will probably delete anything vacuous or off topic, but if you have other complaints that aren't getting any traction, or if you have any suggestions that might improve service, please let me know.

For new visitors, the best way to read this blog is chronologically from bottom to top. The earliest entry is dated 2011-11-30. Since I can't seem to force all the posts onto one page, you'll have to start by clicking "2011" in the "Blog Archive" just below, or scroll all the way down and click "Older Posts."



From: fixmetro
Subject: Re: silver line MIA
Date: March 7, 2012 23:31:32 PST
To: customerrelations@metro.net
Cc: HorneT@metro.net, BoardSecretary@metro.net, borja.leon@lacity.org, SOTOPA@metro.net, ALARCONR@METRO.NET

I'm just going to keep sending emails. I guess it's therapeutic somehow. 

Just now, march 7, 2012, I waited for a silver line bus scheduled to stop at harbor freeway station at 10:02 pm. Foolishly, I was out on Figueroa (street level), which is where the bus is supposed to be after 10 pm. You can probably guess where this story is heading. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that the bus probably did actually come, but it certainly was not on the street level. I wrote an email complaining about this very thing the very last time I tried to take the 10 o'clock silver line (feb 7). Not that I really thought anything would change, but I guess I held out some faint hope that some sort of management structure might be in place. I won't be so naive in the future. 

It's gotten to the point that I've started to just cut my losses and take the much longer green-blue-red route preemptively, rather than take the 50-50-at-best crap shoot that is the night time silver line. Right now I'm sitting at Washington blue line station because I and the other cattle got kicked off the northbound train we were on and now have to wait another 20 minutes for a train the rest of the way to 7th. I tell you this in case anyone at metro is capable of empathy. 

So anyway, throw me a bone here. Tell me what to do. I'm all ears. Should I wait for the 10 o'clock bus on the freeway level? Is someone there going to actually talk to the silver line drivers and tell them that when the signs say street level after 10 that paying customers might actually be gullible enough to wait on the street level after 10? Should I just drive? Should I start a blog and take every other public opportunity to discourage people with choices from considering metro a viable transportation option? I know a lot of voters. 

Update: I am now on my second blue line train. We are currently stopped at San Pedro station for "10 to 12 minutes." I commend the driver for communicating this, but he then went on to suggest that passengers feel free to get out and smoke a cigarette. Just thought you'd like to know your drivers are suggesting illegal activities. 

Anyway, please ask the night time silver line manager to give me a call (310-XXX-XXXX). We have a lot to discuss. I'll send you all another email when I get home with the final tally of how much time your incompetent silver line driver cost me. I'm sure you can't wait. 

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