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This blog is about recurrent problems with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's public transit system. My particular crusade involves flagship line 910 (the "Silver Line") and its persistent, institutional unreliability after 9 PM.

I have been dealing directly and in good faith with Metro for some time now on this issue, but that private dialog has not resulted in any improvement in service. I started this blog in an attempt to provide another more public source of motivation for Metro to address their systemic failures.

Below I have posted my entire email exchange with Metro on this subject, and I will continue to update as the saga continues. The correspondence begins in November of 2011 only because that is when I discovered how to contact customer service. The problems with the silver line (and its transitway predecessors) started well before then. This email chain is unedited, except that I redacted my own name and contact info, and I removed redundant quotes of previous messages. Names and email addresses of Metro personnel have not been removed. I encourage you to contact them with your own thoughts. Also, feel free to leave comments here. I will probably delete anything vacuous or off topic, but if you have other complaints that aren't getting any traction, or if you have any suggestions that might improve service, please let me know.

For new visitors, the best way to read this blog is chronologically from bottom to top. The earliest entry is dated 2011-11-30. Since I can't seem to force all the posts onto one page, you'll have to start by clicking "2011" in the "Blog Archive" just below, or scroll all the way down and click "Older Posts."



From:   "John Fasana" <john.fasana@gmail.com> 
Subject:   Re: issue with metro silver line 
Date:   Wed, December 12, 2012 14:54 
To:   "Arthur Leahy" <leahya@metro.net> "Frank Alejandro" <alejandrof@metro.net> "Debra Johnson" <johnsondeb@metro.net> "James Woodson" <woodsonj@metro.net> "Leahy, Arthur T" <aleahy@metro.net> "Mary Lour Echternach" <echternachm@metro.net> "Michael Cano" <mcano@lacbos.org> "Kathryn Barger-Leibrich" <kbarger@lacbos.org> "Neil Bjornsen" <nbjornse7@gmail.com> "Stephanie Wiggins" <wigginss@metro.net> "Tom Horne" <HorneT@metro.net> "N. Bjornsen" <mtacac.chair@ymail.com> "Patricia Soto" <SOTOPA@metro.net> "Paul Taylor" <TAYLORP@metro.net> YuKi@metro.net Corral-LopezD@metro.net 
Cc:   fixmetro


Mr. FixMetro describes system failures at many levels including unreliable service, signage, and failed communications on our website.

Please respond and include evidence to support this is being turned around. 

Mr. FixMetro clearly has no confidence in Metro's capability to adhere to a published schedule one of our premier lines.

Based on his current and prior experiences, I share his lack of confidence. Why have previous efforts to resolve this failed and why will things be different moving forward?

John Fasana

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  1. This may be a year late but it does show that they were addressing your issues: http://media.metro.net/uploads/20130111DRRItem48.pdf and ultimately, once the construction was over and the new El Monte Station was opened, the issue subsided.